Top places to visit in dapoli

Top 4 Mesmerising Places to Visit Near Dapoli: Hotel Sadhana Executive.

Visiting a majestic location like dapoli means adventure and the ultimate family experience.Two days stay at Hotel Sadhana is perfect for your planned destination as it has authentic vibes and at the same time is close to nature. This place has a rustic appeal and plenty of silence to offer a break from the city hustle-just what one needs from a vacation.

Top four experiences in and near dapoli:

1. Murud

There is nothing quite like a night time walk on the murud beach. There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to soak up all your worries. There’s something indulgent about a beach vacation that makes it so special.It is famous for its scenic beaches,ancient temples and mediaeval sea fort. Durga devi mandir and Murud beach are the most famous landmarks in murud near dapoli.

2. Keshavraj Temple

Keshavraj Temple is an excellent place that showcases nature’s beauty. It is an ancient hindu temple.The temple is facing southwards and the pleasant atmosphere inside the temple makes you feel at peace. As the idol of lord Ganpati stands to the left of the temple, the temple is surrounded by stone pavements from all four sides and also famously known as the Keshavraj Devrai temple.Cool and tasty water flows throughout the year from a cow’s mouth shaped stone i.e. Gomukha, which is situated in the temple premises. The calm atmosphere of the temple brings peace to your mind.

3. Suvarnadurg

The fort is on an island in the Arabian sea on the west coast within the jurisdiction of Ratnagiri district,The nearest town is Dapoli, a hill station (near Chiplun), 17 kilometres (11 mi) from Harnai. Kanakadurga, the harbour fort, built originally as a strategic link to the sea fort has a lighthouse. Harnai, near the dilapidated Kanakadurg fort, is an important harbour, which is right on the edge of the land that protrudes into the Arabian Sea. This is a natural harbour known for large fishing and marketing. It is conjectured that the Kanakadurga fort and other land side forts such as Bankot fort, Fategad fort and Gova fort were built primarily as look out forts for the security of the Suvarnadurg fort.

4. Parshuram Bhumi

The temple is located in Parshuram village in Chiplun Taluka of Maharashtra state in India. Dapoli to pershuram mandir distance is 53.4km.The temple was built by initiative from Swami Paramhans Brahmendra. He was the Guru of Siddi Yakutkhan of Janjira, Kanhoji Angre of Kolaba, Peshwa of Pune, Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj, Tararani of Kolhapur.Siddi Rasul Yakut Khan gave financial help to build Parshuram Temple in 1700. He gave Pedhe and Ambdas villages as Inam (prize) to Swamiji to incur daily expenses of the temple. Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj gave 5 nearby villages as Inam (prize). He built three temples, a Deepmahal (a tall stone structure used to light oil lamps as an offering to God) and a lodge for the pilgrims at Parshuram.

  Your two days stay at Sadhana Executive resort will truly be a memorable one. Be it a family holiday, staycation with your friends or just a weekend break, it is an awesome place with an appealing environment. The outdoor area of the hotel is perfect for photography and video shoots.Hotel is adorned with beautiful flowers and green spread over, we have really put in all our efforts to make it a safe haven for different types of travellers.We are welcoming our guests with smiles and ensuring that you will be leaving this place with countless memories and emotions. Plan a trip to dapoli and stay with our marvellous property experiencing heartwarming hospitality amidst a lush green forest.

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